Hi everyone,

That was a record for me - creating a game in less than 24 hours.

Ok, not exactly a game, because you can't actually die, but a solid foundations.

I had a lot of fun with creating pixel special effects, such as the one for color minigun... It was really easy, that's why you see many such effects ingame.

Expect updates after the jam time is over


- WASD - Movement

- Mouse - Targeting & shooting

"C" Box - Powerup (I wanted it to be a laser but it's a color minigun)

Where's "food", the jam theme?

1) The main characters has fruits as ammo,

2) Read the story, it's more complex than that (spawners explode with previously eaten colors, on death)

There was no time for a story, objectives or  real enemies ingame, but you can at least explore the land and fight with spawning corrupted minions.

The more corrupted spawners you destroy, the more powerful minions become.
That's actually not  important, since you have godmode, but whatever.

The game shall be updated after the jam.


A long time ago there was a world. It was similar to other worlds, but it had one distinct feature - the colors were alive. The colors had created the world, and they had been keeping it perfect and beautiful, as in the god's dream. The giant pieces of art and colorful compositions were created every day by people living in harmony. They would've been able to continue contemplating the infinite art and living peacefully, if not for the strange event that had happened one day.

Nobody knows how it started, but a strange power appeared in the world.

At the beginning nobody even noticed unusual things. They started to appear more and more. The objects and art has been losing its colors. Our scientists started to track the mysterious events and eventually found out the source of all recent anomalies. The army sent there several expeditions, they all were lost without a word. No electronics, nor aircrafts could help.

We didn't know how to counter it at the time. When we discovered that, it was too late.

The anomaly has been feeding itself by absorbing colors. Our world's colors.  The absorbed things were corrupted, in no way resembling what they were before. The anomaly was growing in power, unstoppable. Conventional weapons were not able to damage it in any way.

We named it the Corruption, before leaving our world and disappearing in the void. There was no place left for us.


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I like the premise and the way the color particles look against the dull backdrop. This could be a lot of fun  if you continue to develop it.